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Effortless and efficient shooting competitions management

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the shooting competition experience. We strive to provide organizers with an intuitive platform that simplifies the management process, while offering competitors seamless online registration, real-time score tracking, and comprehensive historical data. Join us as we shape the future of shooting competitions together.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

It's easier than ever to manage and enjoy shooting competitions. Our innovative platform is designed to streamline the entire process.

Simple Competition Organization
Our platform empowers organizers to effortlessly create and manage shooting competitions. Gone are the days of wrestling with complex spreadsheets and endless paperwork. With our intuitive interface, you can set up competitions in minutes, customize event details, and define specific rules and regulations. Easily manage online entries, track participant information, and communicate updates to all competitors in real-time.
Swift Online Registration
Our platform introduces a seamless online registration system, allowing participants to enroll in shooting competitions with just a few clicks from the comfort of their homes. It's convenience redefined, making the journey from interest to participation smoother than ever.
Real-time Score Tracking
Experience the thrill of real-time score tracking, offering instant insights into your performance. Whether you're on the range or relaxing at home, access your scores and rankings at any moment, turning every competition into an engaging and exciting spectacle
Your Shooting Journey, Chronicled
Delve into the history of your triumphs. Our platform provides a comprehensive archive of historic results, enabling you to review past performances, compare achievements, and track your improvement over time. It's not just a competition; it's a journey, and every shot contributes to your story.
Efficient Squadding
Our intelligent squadding algorithm effortlessly assigns participants to targets, freeing you to focus on the thrill of the competition. Enjoy the camaraderie without the organizational stress, courtesy of our efficient squadding feature.
Effortless Prizelist Generation
Our platform redefines prizelist generation with precision and speed. Define your prizes, and let our system handle the calculations, including countback. It's a hassle-free approach to recognizing excellence without the administrative headaches.
Never miss a Moment
Discover competitions near you or across the globe. Receive instant alerts when new competitions open. Never miss a match, and let every competition be an opportunity for greatness.


We are deeply committed to supporting competitve shooting and we don't think cost should prevent organisers using our platform. That's why we've adopted a unique pricing philosophy. We think our services are worth about £1.50 per competitor, but we leave that decision entirely up to you. After your event is complete, you decide what is was worth to you, and make a donation accordingly. Our goal is to prioritise the success of shooting sports and ensure affordability for all.